Vegan Dog Treats

One of the hardest things I found when moving to a vegan lifestyle was to find suitable vegan dog treats and food. Everywhere I looked, both online and in pet stores everything seemed focused on grain free, meat based foods for pets. I did not want this for my 2 dogs and was determined to find a perfect vegan dog food along with a vegan friendly dog treats to be used as rewards for my pups when they were good. I will discuss my findings of what I consider the best in both vegan dog treats and food along with some vegan dog food recipes that worked well for me.

I have broke this article down into a few sections:

Vegan Dog Foods

In this section I will discuss the availability and review of commercial dog foods that are nutritional and my dogs enjoy while being vegan friendly.

Vegan Dog Treats

In this section I will discuss the availability and review of commercial dog treats that are vegan friendly.

Vegan Dog Food Recipes

In this section I will discuss some vegan friendly dog food recipes I have tried. What I found was that my pets enjoyed the food I made from the vegan dog food recipe the best but I did not always have the time to complete this so I decided to go with one of the store bought vegan dog foods and go with a recipe to make my dogs a treat. This solution may work for you or you may be able to make both food and treats from a recipe. Read on to explore each section and see which solution best fits your lifestyle.

Vegan Dog Food

Finding the best vegan dog food available commercially was a tough task. The ones that I preferred due to their nutrition my dogs did not like and the ones my dogs liked were lacking in the nutrition they needed. Finally after a long search I found a couple of reliable brands that I could comfortably feed to my dogs that were vegan friendly and contained the nutritional balance I was looking for. I have used both of the foods below with great results. I also supplement with Prozyme Plus Dog Supplement

Note that I do not have a local pet store that carries these so I order them with free shipping and the price is similar to other premium foods offered locally.

vegan dog food

Natural Balance Vegetarian Dry Dog Food
This is currently my favorite brand and vegan dog food for my dogs. They have done great on it and look fantastic. If you are looking for a quality vegan dog food that you do not have to make yourself, start here.
canned vegan dog food

Nature’s Recipe Wet Dog Food Cuts in Gravy
I do not feed my dogs canned food but this was my favorite out of the different canned vegan dog foods I looked at and tried. My dogs seemed to love it but there would be no way for me to afford feeding two large dogs canned food. If this is your preference then take a look at this brand.

Halo Vegan Garden Medley Stew for Dogs
This is my other favorite dry kibble vegan friendly dog food. My dogs did fantastic on it and it is reasonable priced. It comes in smaller bags which would be good if you have a small dog. I would suggest you give it a try, especially if you are looking to avoid buying larger bags.

Halo Vegan Garden Medley Stew for Dogs

Vegan Dog Treats

Finding a quality vegan dog treat was much easier than identifying a premium vegan dog food. Almost every treat I tried my dogs loved. I ended up basing my decision based on the nutritional value of the treats since my dogs were no help. After some research, I decided on two different treats that offered the nutritional value I was looking for while being vegan friendly. I choose a couple as dogs are a lot like us and will tire of the same treats everyday. Below are my suggestions for my favorite vegan dog treats and are what I currently use:


Old Mother Hubbard Classic Natural Vegan Dog Treats
These are my dogs favorite vegan friendly treat. They go crazy for them and they are a good value for the quality. They are a little smaller and thinner than a standard milk bone. They make great training treats as the thinness allows them to be broken into pieces. The only thing that I do not like is they do not offer different sizes. My dogs are large and the treat is gone in one chomp.
halo vegan dog treat

Halo Healthsome Natural Treats for Dogs
These are the other treats I use for my dogs. Halo is a great pet company and make an amazing vegan dog treat. They are made in the USA and they use real food. These were the first commercial treats I felt safe feeding my dogs before discovering some of the other vegan friendly ones I have used.


Vegan Dog Food Recipes

I tried several and many of the vegan dog food recipes I found on the net had one of three issues:

  • My dogs did not like them
  • It was hard to make or took a long time to prepare
  • It was lacking in protien for my active dogs

Due to these three common issues I went through a bunch of recipes and wasted a lot of ingrediants. In the end I did find one that both I and my dogs liked. I have since switched to store bought but if you are looking to make your own vegan friendly dog food, let me save you a lot of time and trouble and give you the one’s that worked best for me. Remember that dogs have a short digestive tract. This means many times they will poop out nutrients before it is broken down in the body. This is why you want to use recipes that contain fast acting nutrients.

My favorite vegan dog food recipe was one I found on the website of Peta. It contains the right balance of nutrients and my dogs did great on it. It took a little longer to make then what I had resources for but it was a wonderful vegan dog food. Thinking back, maybe some of the cooking time could be done in a crock pot. You will need a few things prior to starting:

Prozyme Plus Dog Supplement
PB8 brand probiotic
Flaxseed oil with DHA
Cranberry extract

You can find complete details and instructions for my favorite vegan dog food at Peta

The other vegan dog food recipe that I liked was one I found on YouTube. This one was easy to follow and my dogs loved it. It uses hemp oil and flax seeds as a protein source. It was a little lite in protein for my liking and was the main reason I did not stick with this recipe. My dogs are very active and needed more protein but it may work wonderfully for you. For the recipe you will want to make sure you have the following:

Taurine Pure Powder
Green Mush
Hempseed Oil



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